The Pleasure Garden. Discovering Paradise


1 marzo 2011




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Conferenciante: Jeffrey Bale

Jeffrey Bale is a garden designer from the United States, living in the city of Portland, Oregon on the west coast, north of California.  He graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon in 1981.  After working in an office for 20 minutes, he ran out the door and later started his own garden design and build business.  It took many years to grow in to what is now an artistic approach to building gardens that are a manifestation of paradise.  For the last 28 years Jeffrey has been traveling for 3 to 5 months during the winter in Asia, South America, Europe, and this winter in Morocco and Spain.  24 years ago he visited Andalusia and saw for the first time pebble mosaics.  On returning home, he developed a technique for building pebble mosaics in mortar and has become known for this art form, creating designs inspired by carpets, paintings, mythology, cosmic symbols, Arabic patterns, plants and animals.  Every garden tells stories that transport people into a more beautiful world.  A garden can be a taste of heavenly bliss.

This lecture on The Pleasure Garden will take us to various parts of the World where landscapes transcend the average and bring us to states of sensual enlightenment.  I have borrowed elements from gardens all over the World and used them to create decadent yet elegant gardens that bring a connection to nature through relaxation, fragrance, sound, and visual beauty that incorporates elements to alter consciousness.  I will be presenting photos from gardens I visited this winter in Andalusia and Morocco, as well as other parts of the World, and my own work that exemplify the idea of creating true paradise.  Along with the images I will give a unique perspective as to why I think these ideas change the way we feel.  I hope you will join me on this adventure.

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