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Former team membersCajsa Lisa Anderson (Upsala University, Suecia)

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Isabel Sanmartín Bastida
  • Research scientist
  • Speciality:

    Biogeography: Analytic tools and biogeographic reconstruction of lineages and biota

  • Geographical region:Mediterranean region, Macaronesia, Neotropics
  • Line of research: Plant evolutionary biology
  • Professional profile

    Integrating new phylogenetic dating and model-based biogeographical methods to disentangle the evolutionary origins of the African-Mediterranean "Rand Flora"
    Disjunct distributions of plant groups between Macaronesia-NW Africa, E Africa, and W Asia have been recognized for almost a century, in what has been called the "Rand Flora" pattern. One of the most-cited examples of this disjunction is the Canary Island "dragon tree", which has its closest relatives in Yemen and Socotra. In this project we will use both empirical data from model groups and published phylogenies in combination with new phylogenetic dating and model-based biogeographic methods to unravel the evolutionary and biogeographic origins of this enigmatic floristic pattern.

    Applying a new Bayesian biogeographic method to reconstructing patterns of diversification in the Canarian flora
    Oceanic archipelagos of volcanic origin like the Canary Islands represent a special challenge to biogeographers because dispersal is typically the dominant process while most existing methods are based on vicariance. Here we will use a new biogeographic method based on a Bayesian probabilistic model to estimate rates of dispersal between islands and patterns of colonization using a large dataset of published Canarian plant phylogenies. The final aim is to extract generalizations on the origin and evolution of the extraordinary diversity of the Canarian flora.

    Selected Publications
  • Riina, R., Villaverde, T., Rincón-Barrado, M., Molero, J., Sanmartín, I. 2021. More than one sweet tabaiba: Disentangling the systematics of the succulent dendroid shrub Euphorbia balsamifera. Journal of Systematics and Evolution [in press].
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  • Thode, V.A.; Lohmann, L.G.; Sanmartín, I. 2020. Evaluating character partitioning and molecular models in plastid phylogenomics at low taxonomic levels: A case study using Amphilophium (Bignonieae, Bignoniaceae). Journal of Systematics and Evolution [in press].
  • Culshaw, V.; Stadler, T.; Sanmartín, I. 2019. Exploring the power of Bayesian birth-death skyline models to detect mass extinction events from phylogenies with only extant taxa. Evolution [in press].
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  • Moharrek, F.; Sanmartin, I.; Kazempour-Osaloo, S.; Nieto Feliner, G. 2019. Morphological Innovations and Vast Extensions of Mountain Habitats Triggered Rapid Diversification Within the Species-Rich Irano-Turanian Genus Acantholimon (Plumbaginaceae). Frontiers in Genetics 9:698.
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