The archive of the Real Jardín Botánico stores the documentation the institution generates during the course of its normal work, along with the botanical material produced by the scientific expeditions of the 18th and 19th centuries. It also includes collections deposited at the garden, donated to it, or bought by it, such as the private collections of Cavanilles, Lagasca, Cuatrecasas, Winthuysen and Emilio Guinea, and the drawings and engravings by Van Berkhey. It is home to one of the world's most important collections of botanical drawings and plates, of which the more than 6,600 drawings made during José Celestino Mutis's Expedition to the Viceroyalty of New Granada stand out.

Holdings and Organisation:
The archive is subdivided into 15 documentary holdings, which have traditionally been referred to as "divisions." The holdings may comprise either texts or iconographic documents.

1. Garden Holding (1775-1990). 415 boxes and almost 4000 drawings or engravings. Includes the documentation generated by the institution's activities. From 1775 to 1900 the documentation is arranged chronologically.

2. "Expedition to the Limits of the Orinoco. Pehr Löfling" Holding (1743-1766). 5 boxes and 200 drawings, the majority botanical and zoological. This holding comprises the documentation produced by Pehr Löfling, a naturalist and disciple of Linnaeus, during his stay in Spain, and the scientific work on botany and zoology produced during the expedition to the Orinoco.

3. "Royal Botanical Expedition to the Kingdom of New Granada. Mutis" Holding (1783-1816). 33 boxes and some 6600 botanical drawings. This corresponds to the documentation produced by the work of José Celestino Mutis and the expedition to New Granada.

4. "Botanical Expedition to the Viceroyalty of Peru. Ruiz and Pavón"  Holding (1780-1870). 15 boxes, approximately 2254 botanical drawings, 24 zoological drawings, 300 calcographic plates, and a large number of engravings. Corresponds to the documentation generated primarily by the work of the botanists Hipólito Ruiz and José Pavón during the expedition and the work done subsequently on the material they collected.

5. "Royal Botanical Expedition to New Spain. Sessé and Mociño" Holding (1787-1819). 9 cajas y 119 dibujos. Documentación correspondiente, en su mayor parte, a los trabajos de los botánicos Martín Sessé y José Mariano Mociño durante dicha expedición.

6. "Royal Malaspina Expedition" Holdings (1789-1818). 16 cajas y 286 dibujos. Corresponde a la documentación generada por los botánicos Luis Née y Tadeo Haenke, adscritos a la expedición.
  •  Section of holdings: "Luis Née and the Antonio Pineda collection", 3 boxes and 286 drawing.
  • Section of holdings: "Tadeo Haenke", 13 boxes.
7. "Count de Mopox Royal Guantánamo Commission. Boldo" Holdings (1796-1802). 2 boxes and 66 drawings. Comprising the documentation produced by the work of botanist Baltasar Boldo during the expedition.

8. "Pacific Scientific Commission. Isern" Holdings (1854-1880). 1 box. Comprising the documentation produced by the work of botanist Juan Isern during the expedition.

9. "Javier de Winthuysen" holdings (1874-1960). 16 boxes, 640 drawings and a collection of photographs that has not yet been fully catalogued. The collection is a large part of the landscape gardener and gardener's collection, donated by his heirs.

10. "Juan de Cuéllar" Holdings (1785-1794). 80 drawings. Comprising the botanical drawings produced during Juan de Cuéllar's Commission for the Philippines Company.

11. "Chinese Plates" holdings (late 18th or early 19th century). 1,210 drawings of Chinese plants. Comprises two collections of drawings, one donated in 1815 by Francisco Javier Balmis, director of the Real Expedición Filantrópica de la Vacuna; the other, apparently donated by Juan de Cuéllar

12. "Emilio Guinea" Holdings (1907-1985). 22 boxes. Comprises the private archive donated by the botanist's heirs.

13. "Cavanilles" Holdings (1765-1818). 15 boxes and 600 botanical drawings. Comprising the private archive of the botanist José Antonio Cavanilles, director of the Real Jardín Botánico from 1801 to 1804. It was deposited by the heirs in 1992.

14. "Van Berkhey" holding (17th and 18th centuries). 452 drawings and 1,194 engravings. Comprising the collection of botanical drawings, plates and engravings bought in Amsterdam in 1785 by the Crown for the Gabinete de Historia Natural at the auction of the assets of the collector Johannes le Francq van Berkhey.

15. "Cuatrecasas" Holdings (1903-1996). 54 boxes and a significant collection of photographs. The private archive of the botanist, who was director of the Real Jardín Botánico. It was donated by his heirs.

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