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Lophospermum - Taxonomy



Lophospermum D. Don, Trans. Linn. Soc. London 15(2): 351 (1827). Perennial suffrutescent herbs, often with woody caudex, sometimes with tuberous roots; stems homomorphic, usually climbing by means of twining petioles or pedicels, rarely erect and not climbing, the branches not cirrhous. Leaves more or less homomorphic, deltate, cordate, suborbicular or somewhat reniform, the margin dentate or crenate to subentire, palmately veined, the midrib not terminated with gland, petiolate, alternate; petioles usually cirrhous. Flowers somewhat zygomorphic, pedicellate, horizontally oriented, solitary or rarely in pairs in leaf-axils. Floral leaves not subtending additional branches. Pedicels erecto-patent or patent, terete, often cirrhous, not recurved in fruit. Calyx narrowly infundibuliform to urceolate, not inflated or membranous, green or occasionally tinged with red or purple, deeply divided, the lobes subequal, entire or rarely with isolated teeth, imbricate or valvate, shorter than corolla- tube. Corolla with tube broad, somewhat dorsi-ventrally compressed with 2 longitudinal abaxial folds, each usually with line of hairs internally, not gibbous abaxially at base; limb bilabiate, the lips somewhat unequal, the adaxial lip erecto-patent to recurved, the abaxial erecto-patent, somewhat exceeding adaxial; lobes entire or scarcely emarginate. Fertile stamens 4, didynamous with anthers free, included or somewhat exserted, the connective usually conspicuously dilated above anther forming small flap; staminode usually small with rudimentary anther, the filament rarely subequalling that of fertile stamens. Style erect, terete, simple; stigma linear, straight or recurved, entire or scarcely emarginate, positioned between anthers of fertile stamens or scarcely exceeding stamens. Capsule globose or subglobose, the walls papery, the septum erect, straight; loculi more or less equal, many-seeded, simultaneously dehiscent, each loculus open- ing from apex by severa1 irregular valves forming 1 pore, eventually rupturing more or less to base. Seeds more or less dorsi-ventrally symmetrical with 2 longitudinal wings, the body tuberculate or cristate; hilum more or less basa1 between wings; periclinal wall of testa-cells tabular or tabular-concave, that of cells from interstices, tubercles or ridges often with median papilla; epicuticular waxes absent. By Sutton (1988)

Lophospermum species
L. breedlovei
L. chiapense
L. erectum
L. erubescens
L. purpurascens
L. purpusii
L. scandens
L. turneri

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