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Mohavea - Taxonomy



Mohavea A. Gray, Rep. Exp. Surv. Rail. Miss. Pac. 4(5/4): 122 (1856). Annual herbs; stems homomorphic, erect or ascending, the branches not cirrhous. Leaves homomorphic, simple, linear to ovate, entire, pinnately veined, the midrib not terminating in apical gland, petiolate, opposite below, alternate above; petiole not cirrhous. Flowers zygomorphic, pedicellate, in leafy racemes. Floral leaves not subtending additional branches. Pedicels not cirrhous. Calyx deeply divided; lobes subequal with adaxial lobe longest, valvate or scarcely imbricate, shorter than corolla-tube. Corolla with tube somewhat compressed dorsi- ventrally, saccate abaxially at base; limb bilabiate, the lips more or less equal, approximately twice length of tube, the adaxial lip erecto-patent, the abaxial lip erecto-patent, the basa1 palate partially occluding mouth of tube; lobes entire or somewhat fimbriate. Fertile stamens 2, included, the anthers marginally coherent, the connective not dilated above anther; median 2 stamens reduced to staminodes with rudimentary anthers; adaxial staminode very reduced, without rudimentary anther. Style erect, simple; stigma clavate, entire, somewhat below leve1 of anthers of fertile stamens. Capsule subglobose, many-seeded, the wall thin, the septum erect, straight; loculi subequal with adaxial loculus scarcely exceeding abaxial, each loculus dehiscing from subapical split forming 1 irregularly toothed pore, opening from apex more or less to base. Seeds dorsi-ventrally asymmetrical, cyathiform; hilum subbasal on dorsal face; dorsal face oblong, convex, smooth, the margin produced into a narrow, entire lateral ridge; ventral face flat, smooth except for prominent, somewhat inrolled, deeply emarginate wing; periclinal wall of testa-cells tabular or that of cells from base of wing with median hair-papilla; epicuticular waxes absent. By Sutton (1988)

Mohavea species
M. breviflora
M. confertiflora
Mohavea 1
Mohavea 2

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