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Neogaerrhinum - Taxonomy



Neogaerrhinum Rothm., Feddes Repert. 52: 3 1 (1943). Annual herbs, stems homomorphic, erect or scrambling, often climbing by means of twining pedicels, the branches not cirrhous. Leaves heteromorphic, simple, entire, pinnately veined, the midrib terminating in minute gland, sunken in leaf-apex; basal leaves lanceolate-ovate to suborbicular, petiolate, opposite, the petioles not cirrhous; upper leaves linear or linear- lanceolate, sessile, alternate. Flowers zygomorphic, in lax, leafy racemes. Floral leaves not subtending additional branches. Pedicels elongate, cirrhous. Calyx deeply divided; lobes more or less equal, valvate, much shorter than corolla-tube. Corolla with tube more or less cylindrical, gibbous or subentire abaxially at base; limb unequally 2-lipped, the adaxial lip scarcely reflexed, the abaxial lip exceeding adaxial, erecto-patent, the basa1 palate prominent, more or less occluding mouth of tube; lobes entire. Fertile stamens 4, didynamous, included, the connective not dilated above anther; adjacent pairs of anthers marginally coherent; staminode minute, without rudimentary anther. Style suberect, simple; stigma linear or somewhat clavate, entire, positioned between anthers of fertile stamens. Capsule globose, the wall somewhat thick, the septum erect, straight; loculi equal or subequal with abaxial loculus exceeding adaxial, many-seeded, the dehiscence initiated more or less simultaneously by subapical circumcissile split becoming irregularly toothed pore, eventually rupturing more or less to base. Seeds oblongovoid, dorsi-ventrally asymmetrical; dorsal face tuberculate or longitudinally cristate; ventral face more or less loneitudinallv cristate: hilum subbasal; periclinal wall of testa-cells of interstices or ridge-sides papillate; epicuticular wases apparently absent. By Sutton (1988)

Neogaerrhinum species
N. filipes
N. strictum

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