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Sairocarpus - Taxonomy



Sairocarpus D.A. Sutton, A revision of the tribe Antirrhineae (1988). Annual or perennial herbs; stems homomorphic, erect or ascending, often with flexuous or cirrhous lateral branches in inflorescence. Leaves usually homomorphic, simple, entire, petiolate or sessile, pinnately veined, the rnidrib terminating in a small gland, opposite below, alternate above; petiole not cirrhous. Flowers zygomorphic, pedicellate, solitary in leaf-axils or in terminal, bracteate or leafy racemes or panicles. Bracts leaf-like at least below, often subtending additional cirrhous branch or rarely 2 branches, the lowermost bracteoles of branches broad, opposite, the upper narrower, alternate. Pedicel usually not cirrhous, straight or somewhat sinuate in fruit, very rarely twining. Calyx deeply divided; the lobes subequal or unequal, entire, valvate or rarely imbricate, usually shorter than, rarely exceeding corolla-tube; adaxial lobe exceeding lateral lobes. Corolla with tube cylindrical, usually gibbous or saccate at base; limb unequally 2-lipped, the adaxial lip reflexed or patent, rarely erecto-patent, the abaxial lip usually spreading, exceeding adaxial; lobes entire, the middle lobe of abaxial lip exceeding lateral lobes; palate prominent, partially or more or less entirely occluding mouth of tube. Fertile stamens 4, didynamous, included; connective not dilated above anthers; adjacent pairs of anthers marginally coherent; thecae initially reflexed; staminode minute, entire, without rudimentary anther. Style simple, the base obliquely inserted; stigma included, clavate, entire, positioned between pairs of fertile stamens. Capsule ovoid to oblong, the walls somewhat papery, the septum erect, more or less straight; the loculi equal or subequal in length, subequal or unequal in breadth, many-seeded; adaxial loculus dehiscing from apex initially at 1 or rarely 2 points forming single, irregularly-toothed pore, simultaneously with or somewhat after abaxial loculus; abaxial loculus initially dehiscing at 2 points, forming 2 or 1 irregularly-toothed pores, if 2 pores then occasionally becoming fused to form single pore. Seeds ovoid, oblong-ellipsoid or conical, dorsi-ventrally asymmetrical, cristate, tuberculate or reticulate-alveolate, ridges and tubercles of dorsal face smaller than those of ventral face; hilum on dorsal face, subbasal to 0.3 distance from base to apex. By Sutton (1988)

Sairocarpus species
S. breweri
S. cornutus
S. costatus
S. coulterianus
S. elmeri
S. kingii
S. multiflorus
S. nuttallianus
S. pusillus
S. subcordatus
S. vexillocalyculatus
S. virga
S. watsonii

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