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Chaenorhinum - Taxonomy



Chaenorhinum (DC.) Reichenb., Consp.: 123 (1828), as Chaenarrhinum. Annual herbs or suffrutescent perennials; stems homomorphic, usually erect or ascending, the branches not cirrhous. Leaves homomorphic or somewhat heteromorphic, simple, entire, pinnately veined, shortly petiolate and opposite below to sessile and alternate above; petioles not cirrhous. Flowers zygomorphic, pedicellate, in somewhat lax terminal racemes. Bracts resembling foliage leaves but usually narrower and somewhat smaller, occasionally subtending additional branches, the axillary branches not cirrhous. Pedicels not twining. Calyx deeply divided, the lobes entire, valvate, unequal or subequal, the adaxial lobe longest or occasionally shortest. Corolla with tube cylindrical to dorsi-ventrally compressed, calcarate abaxially at base; limb bilabiate, the lips more or less equal, the adaxial lip erect to erecto-patent, the abaxial lip with low palate not occluding mouth of tube, the spur conical or fusiform, straight; lobes emarginate or entire. Fertile stamens 4, didynamous, included, the adjacent pair of anthers marginally coherent, the connective not dilated above anther; staminode minute. Style simple, erect; stigma capitates, entire, between anthers of fertile stamens. Capsule obliquely ovoid, globose or oblong, the septum erect or somewhat oblique; loculi conspicuously unequal to subequal, the adaxial loculus usually longer, broader, many-seeded and dehiscing before abaxial, initially by circumcissile split then by several irregular teeth or valves, forming solitary pore, the abaxial loculus many- or occasionally few-seeded, dehiscing by solitary pore or occasionally indehiscent. Seeds ovoid, oblong-ellipsoid or conical, more or less radially symmetrical, cristate or rarely reticulate; hilum subbasal to basal; longitudinal ridges 4-12, smooth, dentate or tubercullate, straight or sinuate, discrete or anastomosed to give a reticulate pattern; periclinal wall of testa-cell convex or tabular-convex, that of cells from interstices with median papilla, that of cells from ridges usually without papilla; epicuticular waxes present, granulate. By Sutton (1988)

Chaenorhinum species
Ch. calycinum
Ch. cryptarum
Ch. flexuosum
Ch. foroughii
Ch. glareosum
Ch. grandiflorum
Ch. grossecostatum
Ch. huber-morathii
Ch. johnstonii
Ch. litorale
Ch. macropodum
Ch. minus
Ch. origanifolium
Ch. reticulatum
Ch. robustum
Ch. rubrifolium
Ch. rupestre
Ch. serpyllifolium
Ch. tenellum
Ch. tuberculatum
Ch. villosum

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