Patricia Barberá
  • PhD student
  • Speciality:

    Taxonomía y Sistemática del género Trisetum Pers. (Poaceae) y familia Euphorbiaceae de África

  • Geographical region:Europa, Asia y África
  • Line of research: Vascular plant systematics
  • Selected Publications
  • Barberá, P.; Soreng, R.J.; Peterson, P.M.; Romaschenko, K.; Quintanar, A.; Aedo, C. 2020. Molecular phylogenetic analysis resolves Trisetum (Poaceae: Pooideae: Koeleriinae) polyphyletic: Evidence for a new genus, Sibirotrisetum and resurrection of Acrospelion. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 58(4):517-526.
  • Quintanar, A.; Harris, D.J.; Barberá, P. 2020. A new species of Drypetes (Putranjivaceae) discovered by J. Léonard in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Plant Ecology and Evolution 153(2):312-320.
  • Barberá, P.; Quintanar, A.; Peterson, P.M.; Soreng, R.J.; Romaschenko, K.; Aedo, C. 2019. New combinations, new names, typifications, and a new section, sect. Hispanica, in Koeleria (Poeae, Poaceae). Phytoneuron 46:1-13.
  • Peterson, P.M.; Soreng, R.J.; Romaschenko, K.; Barberá, P.; Quintanar, A.; Aedo, C. 2019. New combinations, and new names in Cinnagrostis, Peyritschia, and Deschampsia, and three new genera: Greeneochloa, Laegaardia and Paramochloa (Poeae, Poaceae). Phytoneuron 39:1-23.
  • Barberá, P.; Romero Zarco, C.M.; Aedo, C. 2018. Taxonomic revision of Trisetum sect. Trisetum (Poaceae: Pooideae: Aveninae) from Eurasia and North Africa. Annals Missouri Botanical Garden 103(3):350-392.
  • Aedo, C.; Fernández-Albert, M.; Barberá, P.; Buira, A.; Quintanar, A.; Medina, L.; Morales, R. 2017. A botanical survey of Joseph Quer's Flora espanõla. Willdenowia. 47(3):243-258.
  • Barberá, P.; Romero-Zarco, C.; Aedo C. 2017. Taxonomic revision of Trisetum section Acrospelion (Poaceae: Pooideae: Aveninae) from Eurasia. Systematic Botany. 42(4):1-28.
  • Barberá, P.; Romero-Zarco, C.; Aedo, C. 2017. Taxonomic revision of Trisetum section Sibirica (Poaceae: Pooideae: Aveninae). Systematic Botany. 42(4):782-806.
  • Soreng, R.J.; Peterson, P.M.; Romaschenko, K.; Davidse, G.; Teisher, J.K.; Clark, L.G.; Barberá, P.; Gillespie, L.J.; Zuloaga, F.O. 2017. A worldwide phylogenetic classification of the Poaceae (Gramineae) II: An update and a comparison of two 2015 classifications. Journal of Systematics and Evolution 55(4):259-290.
  • Aedo, C.; Medina, L.; Barberá, P.; Fernández-Albert, M. 2015. Extinction of vascular plants in Spain. Nordic Journal of Botany 33:83-100.
  • Barberá, P.; Riina, R.; Velayos, M. 2015. A new species of Grossera (Euphorbiaceae) from Equatorial Guinea. Phytotaxa  221:175-180.
  • Barberá, P., Velayos, M.; Aedo, C. 2014. Taxonomic revision of Grossera (Crotonoideae, Euphorbiaceae): A central African genus. Syst. Bot. 39(2):490-509.

  • Barberá, P.; Velayos,M.; C. Aedo 2014. Lectotypification and characterization of Discoclaoxylon pubescens (Euphorbiaceae) from Annobón Island (Equatorial Guinea). Nord. J. Bot. 32(1):55-59.

  • Velayos, M.; Barberá, P.; Cabezas, F.J.; de la Estrella, M.; Fero, M.; Aedo, C. 2014. Checklist of the vascular plants of Annobón (Equatorial Guinea). Phytotaxa 171(1):1-78.

  • Barberá, P.; Velayos, M.; Aedo, C. 2013. Annotated checklist and identification keys of the Acalyphoideae (Euphorbiaceae) of Equatorial Guinea (Annobón, Bioko and Río Muni). Phytotaxa 140:1-25, doi:10.11646/phytotaxa.140.1.1.
  • More Publications
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