Reproductions service

This service offers library users the possibility of making digital copies or photocopies of parts of the documents consulted, within the framework of the legislation in force and on a self-service basis.

All the documents provided in the library may be copied for the purposes of study and research, except those which are excluded for legal reasons and to ensure their conservation, namely:
  • Specimens prior to 1901 (although permission may be requested from the head of the library services department).
  • Rare and valuable editions.
  • Documents whose physical condition is such that they may be damaged by handling.
  • No complete book, whatever the publication date.
  • Unpublished doctoral theses.
  • Unpublished research work deposited in the library.
  • Documents in the media library.
  • Books lent via interlibrary loans.

The right to copy is covered by the law and users must undertake to observe current legislation and the library's rules.

Law 23/2006, 7 July 2006, amending the consolidated text of the Intellectual Property Act, passed by Legislative Royal Decree 1/1996, 12 April 1996.

Article 37 of the Act, on the subject of copying, lending and consulting works using specialised terminals, reads as follows: "Copyright holders may not oppose the copying of works when such copies are made for non-commercial purposes by museums, libraries, gramophone recording libraries, or press archives which are publicly owned or form part of institutions of a cultural or scientific nature and the reproduction is made exclusively for the purposes of research or conservation."

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